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A Bed of Nails That Makes You Feel Oh-So-Good!

Acupuncturists need self-care just like the rest of us! Sometimes, being in the helping professions, providers may lose sight of their own health and wellness habits while they commit to supporting the wellness of others. For that reason, I strive to maintain some baseline practices that sustain the health of my mind and body. And when I find amazing products or methods for doing so, I am compelled to share that information with my patients!

One of my favorite daily practices is laying on my “acumat,” otherwise playfully known as a “bed of nails.” It gets my Qi/circulation moving well to reduce any nagging back pains and prevent injury from excess tension as I physically navigate my day. "Bed of nails" sounds more dramatic than it truly is (the "nails" are BPA-free plastic,) but if I'm honest, I will usually lay on it for maybe 60-90 seconds (more if I have something acute going on.) I know others who will lay on theirs for hours, so user tolerance will vary! The Kanjo mat pictured above (and below) is one acumat that I highly recommend and link to on my website - Bliss Body (scroll down to view the Amazon products.) As an acupuncturist, I promote the use of this product between acupuncture sessions. Think of it like a form of self-acupressure at home. They come in a variety of fun colors and most have a bonus acu-pillow to assist with neck and head tension (great for preventing and managing some types of headaches.) Free returns, of course, if it doesn't turn out to be your cup of tea. What’s even better is that these mats are FSA/HSA-eligible purchases, so if you’re looking for ways to utilize your benefits by year’s end, this may be a great investment for you and your loved ones health! 💫

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