Directions & Parking

Bliss Body LLC



The best landmarks to locate our site are by taking the entrance at Colonial Spirits or Domino's Pizza on Great Road. After pulling in, park anywhere behind our building (red house closest to the main road). We share a huge, free parking lot with several other businesses. There is also extra parking between the entrance side of our building and Domino's.

There are multiple entrances to the building. To avoid any confusion, please access our private entrance on the left side of the building when facing from the back parking lot (across from Domino's).

You may text (978) 812-4125 at your scheduled appointment time and we will let you know when it is appropriate to enter the building.

Be advised that our clinic is not handicapped-accessible and patients must be able to climb a staircase to reach our clinic on the second floor.


Please do not attempt to come in through the front door or any of the back doors of the building, etc. There are other residents occupying space there and we try our best to be respectful of their privacy. There is only one side door on the whole building, and that is our entrance. Thank you!