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Dolphin Neurostim: A Non-Invasive Treatment & Complement to Acupuncture

Updated: Mar 4

A new kid is on the block at Bliss Body, with a cute name to boot! Introducing... Dolphin Neurostim (insert fun dolphin squeals here!)

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my patient's experience and outcomes. After much research, I determined the Dolphin Neurostim devices were the right match for my practice. They are versatile enough to be used alone as an effective needle-free treatment, or along with needles during an acupuncture session. As a major bonus, the Dolphin has another mode of application: A targeted vagus nerve stimulation treatment!

How You May Benefit from Dolphin Technology

Dolphin Neurostim is the first device of its kind created specifically to treat acute and chronic pain. Dolphin treatments are also referred to as Microcurrent Point Stimulation or MPS Therapy. When activated, the devices emit direct-current micro-impulses to acupuncture or trigger points (on the surface of the skin) for the reduction of nervous system stress and pain conditions (similar to how acupuncture needles may be utilized.)

Acupuncture-savvy folks know that pain isn't the only condition that is influenced by their treatments. Stimulation of appropriate acupuncture points, via needles or electrical stimulation (i.e. Dolphins) help bring the entire system towards a closer state of homeostasis, regulating all the major and minor functions the body carries out to increase and maintain it's level of health.

As an acupuncturist, the Dolphins allow me more flexibility in my treatments. If a patient wants nothing to do with needles, they have the option to have a needle-free experience with the Dolphins. If I'm needling a patient and want to treat an ultra-sensitive point, I can substitute the Dolphin for just that point.

The Dolphins, when used as a pair, have the additional benefit of treating and releasing scar tissue, which can wreak havoc on the proper circulation of blood, energy and nutrients in the body. Scars can be the root cause of many issues a person may experience, however, they're not generally the first culprit we think of. In a later blog post, I will cover more on this particular subject.

Other Benefits: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

Remember that other Dolphin application I alluded to in the intro - the targeted approach to treating the full vagus nerve?

If you haven't read my previous blog about the vagus nerve, you may want to start here. This will give you an overview of what we are addressing with these treatments.

With Dolphin technology, I am able to use the device to create an electrical circuit leading from the vagus nerve branch of the ear (with a painless ear clip) to the low abdomen or wrist (with a painless, adhesive electrode pad) for a short treatment that aims to improve vagal tone and reduce stress-related disorders of the body and mind. Additionally, there is published evidence that these treatments may target many long-Covid symptoms, as the initial virus attacks the vagus nerve, causing dysfunction. Health Canada has approved the Dolphin Vagal Stimulator for treatment of acute, suspected and long-haul Covid cases.

How the Dolphins Compare to Other E-Stim Devices

  • FDA and Health Canada Approved

  • Lower electrical current strength than other e-stim devices (2 Hz vs 15 Hz or higher)

  • Uses DC vs AC current (closer resonance with our bodies frequencies)

  • Research indicates far superior vagal tone outcomes compared to higher Hz (some high Hz e-stim devices actually show a negative impact on vagal tone)

Your Health is Priceless

Most of us are aware and informed enough to take the best care of ourselves that we can. The Dolphins provide another option for addressing the imbalances we carry, as a means to support all the other healthy living choices we make.

I'm so pleased to be offering Dolphin services at my practice, as I know they will make a wonderful complement to the work I provide. If you are interested in giving the Dolphins a try, reach out to me at Bliss Body. I look forward to connecting with you!

For more information from the manufacturer, please see here - Dolphin MPS Therapy


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