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Vendetti Wellness Group Patients

Vendetti Wellness Group

Greetings, friends of Vendetti Wellness Group (VWG)!

We are so pleased to announce our group acupuncture stress reduction clinics coming to the VWG Hopkinton location! These sessions will be held one Saturday each month, with specific dates TBD.

Feel free to peruse our site for general information about your practitioner,

Dr. Roxanne Nichols, who works full-time out of her private practice in Acton, MA, and is the treating acupuncturist at VWG (please note that private services are only available in Acton).

What to Expect: Our clinics are for the treatment of stress only, which may result in mental, emotional and physical benefits. These treatments do not rely on extensive diagnosis, as is typical in a private acupuncture setting. All patients receive treatment that is confined to needling of the ears only (also known as "auriculotherapy"). This allows for an efficient and cost-effective way to treat a number of people concurrently. The group setting is customary to how acupuncture is delivered in traditional East Asian settings. It is still completely comfortable, relaxing and quiet! Some even say the group dynamic offers uniquely profound benefits.

Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and the cost is $40. You may be in a room with up to four other individuals being treated (in a masked and socially-distanced manner).

If you would like more information, or to sign up for a clinic, please send us a message HERE.

To access the patient portal for established VWG patients please click here - PATIENT PORTAL

(You may access intake forms, send messages, check appointments and set email/text reminder preferences through the portal)


Dates/Times TBD

Vendetti Wellness Group

​77 Main Street

Second Floor

Hopkinton, MA  01748

Tel: (978) 812-4125

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