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Kundalini Reiki Training

Distance Course

  • 3 hr
  • 450 US dollars

Service Description

This program is offered as a distance course only. You will receive all three Kundalini Reiki attunements over the period of several weeks. At the completion of the program, you will receive certification as a Kundalini Reiki Master. No prerequisites are required to take this course, however, previous Reiki training may be helpful. You will need an email address to receive course materials. Kundalini Reiki is a very straightforward, yet powerful healing technique. A series of 3 distant attunements are given in order to open and strengthen the energy channels of your body, enabling the healing waves of Reiki energy to flow through you and cleanse your body from energy blockages. Kundalini refers to the state in which certain healing channels and chakras have been opened, thereby gaining access to the Earth’s energy. The Base chakra, an energy center located near the coccyx, serves as the entrance for the Kundalini energy (also known as the ‘Kundalini Fire’). Upon entering the body, the energy runs along the main energy channel, before exiting through the Crown chakra. With an open Kundalini, a complete cleansing of the chakras, energy channels and body parts will be obtained over a period of time. Although similar to the traditional Usui and Usui-based systems of Reiki in that it is a powerful tool for energetic healing, Kundalini Reiki has the advantage of reaching far beyond the traditional Reiki systems. In having your Kundalini awakened safely and instantaneously in this manner, your Reiki channelling capabilities will be greatly improved. Furthermore, this combination of Kundalini and Reiki energy works in synergy to promote spiritual healing and spiritual evolution towards enlightenment. Kundalini Reiki is a very safe and gentle way to awaken Kundalini energy. As the main energy channel running from the Base chakra to the Crown chakra is opened completely, this prevents any build-up of pressure since the Kundalini energy is simply released through the Crown chakra. A person who currently has, or has had problems in the past with wrong Kundalini awakening, or other problems with the Kundalini energy, can often be helped with Kundalini Reiki.

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