Cupping Therapy

  • 30 minutes
  • 40 US dollars

Service Description

Cupping uses suction and negative pressure to increase circulation, loosen stiff muscles and detoxify the body. A free flow of circulation is essential in maintaining a healthy, well-functioning body and mind. Cupping therapy helps to decrease stagnation (often manifesting as pain) and allow improved energy and blood circulation to improve the bodies healing ability and overall performance. During and after your treatment, your body is working hard to release the toxins, stagnant cells, debris and lymph fluids that were drawn out from the blood, muscles and deeper tissues of your body. Often, dark circular marks remain on the skin for several days that resemble a bruise. The color and darkness of these marks is indicative of the amount of stagnation that was present in the localized area. It is a positive sign to see these dark marks, as this indicates a release of unhealthy build-up in the body. Please plan cupping sessions around important events where more skin may be exposed (generally the back and shoulders).