Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state in which a person's consciousness (i.e. awareness) is heightened to the degree that their thought processes may be positively altered, for the purpose of bringing about desired changes in any area of their life. Our thoughts are tremendously powerful and running on auto-pilot all the time. Hypnotherapy (the application of hypnosis by a trained professional) can help encourage more productive thoughts and thus, more productive feelings and behaviors to create the life you desire!


The style of hypnotherapy we use at Bliss Body is very safe and in no way imposes on one's free will. Hypnotherapy is a stellar modality for addressing mental & emotional health and may be utilized to enhance every conceivable area in an individual's life.

What to Expect

We offer unique hypnotherapy experiences at Bliss Body in order to best serve our patients. All of our hypnotherapy sessions are delivered via recorded audio, as you lie comfortably on a heated treatment table in a cozy, private room. You may opt to include acupuncture in your session, which is a wonderful combination to allow deeper receptivity of body and mind. You may also include Reiki as part of your session for a more spiritually-connected experience. Each visit is individualized to your preferences. We encourage our patients to try a variety of combinations to find what suits them best!

Our current menu of hypnotherapy options include the following:

  • Pure Relaxation (Yoga Nidra Experience)

  • Stress-Management (Including Freedom from Anxiety & Depression)

  • Physical Wellness & Pain Management

  • Weight Release & Vibrant Health

  • Youthful Programming (Cosmetic/Beauty/Wellness)

  • Breaking Habits & Addictions

  • Creating the Life of Your Dreams (Manifestation/Empowerment/Law of Attraction)

In addition to our in-house treatments, we offer a customized recording package, involving a thorough hypnotherapy intake and assessment (in-person or via phone/Zoom). After intake, your practitioner will create a personalized script which will be developed, recorded and produced within 10 days of intake. You will be able to use this invaluable recording on a daily basis to achieve your personal goals.

Here is a sample of what one of our recordings sound like:


Roxanne completed her hypnosis certifications through the Hypnotherapy Training School in 2000, The New England Institute of Hypnosis in 2012 and Thomas Institute of Hypnosis in 2012. She received her membership as a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2012 through The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She is a professionally trained actress, with a specialty in voice-over performance, which lends to her high-quality hypnotherapy audio tracks.

In addition, Roxanne holds several degrees in the field of Mental Health and Human Services, including a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Massachusetts state-licensed Acupuncturist and Esthetician.


Initial Hypnotherapy Session (~60 minutes) - $120.00

Follow-Up Hypnotherapy Session (~45 minutes) - $100.00

Initial Hypnotherapy Session w/Acupuncture (~75 minutes) - $150.00

Follow-Up Hypnotherapy Session w/Acupuncture (~60 minutes) - $120.00

Reiki Add-On - $20.00/session

Customized Recording Package (~60 minute intake + take-home audio) - $500.00

*Intake may be arranged in-person, over the phone or Zoom