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          About Bliss Body


Bliss Body was created with one objective in mind: to offer personalized holistic health services in the comfort of a sacred space. What is holistic health, you may ask? Basically defined, we are referring to viewing and treating the WHOLE person - body, mind, energy, emotions and spirit. We believe that to experience true, vibrant health (your natural state), one must attend to all areas of their "being". We view EVERY person as capable of bringing forth the inherent wellness that resides within and embrace the concept of exploring treatments that reveal value to you on your journey with wellness. 


As a patient of Bliss Body, you are treated to one-on-one individualized care. Whether you are seeking to maintain or achieve higher levels of health, physical relaxation, a deeper connection to self and/or spirit, manage high stress or simply experience a day of pampering, your practitioner strives to create a safe space to meet all of your personal needs.


We look forward to having you visit with us in the charming downtown location of Stow, Massachusetts. Bliss Body is nestled on the top floor of a remarkable historical building (it is rumored that one of George Washington's generals slept here during the Revolutionary War)! Our location boasts much of its original charm, which we feel makes your experience all the more special!




           Your Practitioner,

Roxanne Nichols, L.Ac., LE, M.A., RMT, CH


Roxanne's interest in wellness, spirituality and healing has been evident since her early childhood. Always one to question the meaning of life and explore the variety of methods available to develop her own sense of growth, she naturally found herself drawn to helping others in a similar way. For the majority of her life, Roxanne has dedicated her time to seeking out and learning a multitude of holistic-minded modalities, many of which she now shares with her patients at Bliss Body. Her focused energies have earned her Master's degrees in Acupuncture and Counseling Psychology, Massachusetts state licensing as an Aesthetician and Acupuncturist, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher certification, Master-Teacher certifications in Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki, and a host of certifications in Hypnotherapy and energy-based modalities.


In addition to Roxanne's passion for the healing arts, she has enjoyed a lengthy history of artistic performance as an actress of the stage, screen and voice-over work. When she opened Bliss Body, she chose to partially "retire" from performance, however, she still involves herself in projects she is enthusiastic about.


Roxanne continues to study and develop new healing techniques to share with her patients, as she believes that learning is a lifetime habit. It is her desire to continue sharing guidance and healing with her patients for many years to come. Additionally, Roxanne is greatly inspired by the prospect of traveling and sharing her gifts with people around the world. Her most exciting adventure to date has been spending time in the Amazonian jungle, learning and experiencing the healing power of plant medicine with traditional Peruvian shamans.